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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Since ancient times, we have created beautiful works of art using the human body as a canvas. Body art is certainly making a comeback in contemporary venues all over the world. Here are some amazing masterpieces that would say that body art should be recognized as a legitimate venue in the art world.

These beautiful artistic masterpieces are amazingly easy to create with imagination and practice. Here are a few pointers if you are interested in creating your own artwork!

Markers - Crayola Markers produce a very nice artistic effect. The sheer coloring is much like tattooing. The advantage with markers is that you can produce some very detailed designs and images, however the huge drawback is that it takes forever to cover large areas.

Airbrush Make Up - This method is by far the best, safest and fastest. Unlike airbrush textile paints, airbrush make up doesn't crack or peel because of movement. The drawback with this method is the high cost.

Magicolor and Mehron Face/Body Paints - Created by Hollywood make up company Ben Nye, these types of paints produce lovely effects and the cost is very affordable. Click here to visit the Ben Nye Superstore.

Airbrush Textile Acrylics - Although they are not specifically designed for use on skin, they are by far the best media around! The colors are rich and vibrant and since they are designed for use with airbrushes and for use on fabrics, they are by far the preferred method for creating these beautiful works of art.

If you are interested in learning body art techniques from a pro, then be sure to visit The Body Painting Page where you can find a lot of really great, detailed information about technique and different types of paint.

More Beautifully Artistic Masterpieces

Whole Full Body Paint

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